Connected IO provides consolidated control for cameras, door locks, fingerprint scanners and other security assets.

Businesses today need to be constantly vigilant in securing their physical assets and premises. A broad array of digital tools are available to help, and Connected IO can bring them all together in a secure, responsive infrastructure. CISO’s and Facilities managers can now have the peace-of-mind to focus on the bigger picture, knowing their security tools are connected, functioning, and protecting the business.

Devices that present a USB port can use the Connected IO EM1000 series of wireless modems and individually connect to the enterprise through the company’s Service Provider or Telco. All that’s needed is a SIM activation and the device is online.

Networked devices that sport Ethernet or WiFi interfaces can be clustered into a private LAN and connect to the enterprise network as a secure overlay network via either LTE, Ethernet or WiFi using the Connected IO edge router series.

Connect your security assets with Connected IO.

Download Rosco use case here