Connected IO provides redundant, high-availability failover connectivity, for mission critical applications from Internet to private trenched fiber.

Point of Sale

Enabling wire-free connectivity and failover for POS terminals insuring flexibility and defending against network outages.

Digital Signage

Connected IO simplifies connecting and coordinating your fleets of digital signs from one to hundreds.


Connected IO has experience connecting ATM machines, ‘Point-of’ Terminals, and kiosks back to Headquarters using both wired and wireless WANs.

Security and Surveillance

Connected IO provides consolidated control for cameras, door locks, fingerprint scanners and other security assets.

Energy Management

Controlling and monitoring oil and gas or renewable energy assets in the field is critical to continuous, profitable operations.


Secure, HIPAA compliant connectivity for clinical, outpatient and telemedical challenges.

Automotive Telematics

Connectivity solutions for fleets, incident response teams, first responders, and vehicle maintenance applications.

Monitoring and Control

Industrial Monitoring and Control is essential to fluid manufacturing operations. Connected IO is your partner in industrial control.


Connectivity for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones.

Smart Buildings

Connectivity solutions for utility and environmental monitoring, access control, lighting and more.

Smart Cities

Depend on Connected IO to connect your utility infrastructure, city services, or public WiFi.

Vending Machines

A classic IoT application, Connected IO provided secure and robust access for a local cluster of vending machines.